Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here I go...

I've been tagged so here I go...this was actually pretty fun. (The above is just a random picture with no relation to the below information whatsoever)

10 years ago: I was 12 years old, wishing I was 14 so I could go to stake dances. I was in 7th grade at Franklin Middle School praticing for the school play Annie where I was an orphan. I was self conscious about my lack of curves (oh wait...I still don't have any :) ). I was running with my friend OUT of school and on to the school bus because a boy was going to ask me to a school dance! aghh... haha, poor guy.

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Get a new belt (I dunno) for my vaccum
2. Go running
3. Work stuff...normal stuff
4. Watch American Idol
5. Eat cereal for dinner...hey Mike's outa town...there's no point in making dinner!

I enjoy: Thinking about my new house, hanging out with my husband, watching The Office, going running, being goofy, talking, more talking, thinking about how cute my future kids are going to be (no, I'm not pregnant)

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: Move to a big house in San Diego (actually, I don't know where) have Mike pick a job that he would do just as a hobby, open a few food franchises, invest in property, save SAVE save, invest INVEST invest, build a lazy river around my house with a waterslide from my bedroom window (always been my dream), invest a way to eat chocolate ALL the time without gaining weight, visit ALL my family which is spread across the US :(, take a vacation to Hawaii (since I've never been) and get savings accounts for all my future children and grandchildren.

3 of my bad habits:
1. Picking at my peeling lips
2. Pulling off split ends at work
3. Checking the vision in both of my eyes multiple times a day by putting a hand over each eye (hey, my vision in my left eye keeps getting worse...I wanna watch it before I get the headaches)

5 places I have lived:
1. Herndon, VA
2. Oak Hill, VA (okay, okay this is ACTUALLY the same palce and #1, but they changed the name to sound rich-ier)
3. Provo, UT
4. More provo, UT
5. Las Vegas, NV

5 jobs that I have had:
1. Assistant/Receptionist at OB/GYN (dealt with a lot of happy and ready-to-get-this-baby-outa-me women. My fav was the woman who looked her husband after stepping on the scale and yelled, "sorry! Sorry that I'm standing next to little miss Brit Spears here!" (referring to me...this was before Brit self destructed)
2. Receptionist at Sutron (I read all the Harry Potter series and Ender's Game Series)
3. PR at For Ever Body candles (I would get headaches every day when they poured the cherry candles...the office was connected to the manufacturing place)
4. PR at Nu Skin Enterprises (awesome free products :) )
5. Marketing at Leavitt Insurance Agency

5 things people don't know about me:
1. My family is super obsessed with Star Wars
2. My eyes are two different colors
3. I used to make up dances to Backstreet Boys in my room
4. I am really good at decoding messages (that includes secret codes that my sister used to write to her friends with...I promised her I couldn't read it....but I could haha. Hey, I'm a little sister okay. We are "supposed to be annoying"--right Hannah?)
5. Mike has better fashion sense for me and picks out my new clothes

Alright, well...that's me! Hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak into the crazy, fun life of Angela. Of COURSE you did :)

I tag Celina. That's all.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Las Vegas is Burning

Okay, so I know I don't live in the most righteous city...but does my city really need to burn? Well, I guess the strip does and it is actually ON FIRE right now.

The Monte Carlo is on fire. Crazy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home...Almost

We are making progress. Our house is now less than 3 months from completion. Yesterday Mike and I went to our house for the "Pre-Drywall Inspection". This means that we got to walk through our house, with hard hats and all, and look at all the electrical and plumbing and everything before they put up the drywall.

We are excited for the next phase of our house which will be really fun to watch as they put in the molding, cabinets, floors etc. We'll keep you posted on the progress, and you better all come and visit once we have our beautiful mansion home completed (well, it's a mansion to us okay!)

The only bad thing is all the doomsday predictions about the economy and recession and everything. It makes us feel a little scared since it is our money on the line. At least interest rates and going down...right? It's okay because I love LOVE my house.

Our lot before anything was built.
Our house about month ago

Our choice for cabinets, tile, granite and backsplash (we are goingto do the backsplash after we move in and it will be a little different...but this gives you the idea)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Umm...I have no comment in regards to last night's BYU UNLV basketball game. I did, however, enjoy watching American Idol when I got home!

That's all.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Rivalry That's Not Really A Rivalry

NOTE: We love the people here in Vegas and the people we work with...just not when it comes to BYU vs. UNLV

WARNING: This post contains the built up frustration of the past 7 months while living in Las Vegas and dealing with the BYU UNLV rivalry that is not really a rivalry.

BACKGROUND: Tonight is the BYU vs. UNLV game in Vegas. I am proudly wearing my BYU shirt at work today. I know I will get totally hounded because of it, but I have to represent. Let me explain.

So, when I moved to Las Vegas 7 months ago, I didn't realize the repercussions. I should've heeded the warnings that Mike was offered the job from a man who attended BYU Father & Son bball camp wearing all UNLV Rebel red gear. Sound a little obnoxious? Yes, it is...and I should've realized what it would mean for me and my future in Las Vegas.

So, here we are in Las Vegas...a great place with a lot of LDS people. This is good except for the fact that there is a SERIOUS division between the people that like BYU, and those you hate BYU (and therefore, like UNLV). People from Vegas feel mormons shouldn't just like BYU because they are mormon and that they need to support their local school...while BYU die hards support BYU because they went there or simply because they are mormon. According to non BYU people here, "People from BYU think they are better than everyone...their fans are so obnoxious, more than ANY other schools fans. BYU takes away your free agency..." and so forth. We (the accurate BYU folk) think it's dumb that they think that, especially because NONE of these UNLV fans actually went to UNLV OR have children that have gone there. IN FACT, they often even send their children to BYU. Sound a little hypcritical? I think so.

The fact that Mike played on the BYU bball team for 4 years has only hightened this "rivalry". They all say I should "cross over" to the UNLV side. Do they honestly think with my husband playing for BYU and me and my WHOLE family going to BYU, that'd I'd ever "cross over"? NO. Although there is an even number of mormons in Vegas that support UNLV and BYU, we happen to be in the UNLV office. Seriously, Mike and I are the ONLY BYU supporters. The rest are the hard core UNLV boosters even. It does not make for a good combination come basketball season. (Magically during football season, none of the UNLV people seem to care. Could it be because they don't win?)

I often tell UNLV people that it's funny that they care SO much about us BYU kids, because we really don't care about them...our rival is Utah and that's who we care about. That usually doesn't go over very well.

And so the rivalry that is not really a rivalry is explained. It is dumb and I don't like it. I always tell Mike that the main reason I would ever leave leave Las Vegas way down the road it would be because of the UNLV BYU fake rivalry.

So tonight, when I go watch my Cougars play the Rebels in the rivalry game that's not really a rivalry...I will be cheering my hardest! GO COUGS.

*At least if we lose I can just remember Mike dropping 8 of 10 threes on them last year. :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bringing in the New Year

Wow, Mike and I just keep having fun! Right after the holiday trip to Houston, we got ready for the New Year. On New Year's Eve, we went to work (but got let out early) and then our friends Dennis Pitta and his girlfriend Mataya were driving through town. We split a meal at Chili's before heading over to Ben and Lenzi's (married friends from work) house.
Before going to Chili's we realized that it would probably be TOTALLY packed at 7 on New Year's Eve, so we were a little worried. To our surprise, when we went inside, there was practically NObody there. haha. That should've warned us because we spent the next hour and half waiting to even get our meal since they forgot to put in the order! We ate SO many chips and salsa that we were pretty much full before our meal even came. That was okay though because we had a good time talking with Dennis and Mataya who live in Provo.
Then we went to the real party at Ben and Lenzi's. There we talked BYU sports, heard UNLV people hate on BYU sports, ate fabulous food including homemade icecream, and played games. It was a pretty packed house with at least 10 kids and 15 adults. Thanks Ben and Lenzi for the awesome party! Around 10:30 we went back to our place and watched Stomp the Yard with Dennis and Mataya. Mike and I did attempt, multiple times, to replicate the dancing in the movie...but we didn't succeed very well :)

We made sure to pause the movie at 11:58 to break out the sparkling cider, poppers and New Year's crowns to bring in the New Year. Here are a few pictures from the night.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holidays are the BEST

Holidays are the best. I look forward to the Christmas season and especially, Christmas break all year. Here are a few highlights from the last few weeks. I loved getting all the pre-Christmas gifts and cards in the mail. One of my favorite was the 12 days of Christmas box I got from my gma Farrell. Inside each numbered box was a candy, or bag of treats etc. It even had a pear for the partidge on day 1!
Goodbye Sunbeam class. The year is over and that means I am no longer with my Sunbeams. It was a fun, exciting and stressful experience haha. Here is a picture of my class on our "party" day. We played games, ate snacks and enjoyed the lights and hanging snowlake chains that I hung from the ceiling. These are the names of my kids from left to right: Sebastian, Hannah, Ayssa, Triston :)...yes, the one that made me cry, Allie)
Before Christmas break we got together with our cousins on the other side of Las Vegas. Here is a picture of Mike with Brady and Easton, his cousin's twins. Mike says he feels a connection with them because of the red hair :)
Houston! Mike and I spent the Christmas break in Houston with his family. We got to see his brother, wife and kid Jackson (who we hadn't seen in more than a year!) Jackson enjoyed playing with me and his uncle Mike or "Lype" and "Light" as he called him. His favorite was bouncing on the trampoline and having Mike help him dunk the basketball hoop.
This was another favorite game, the basket magic carpet ride! We often found Jackson entirely emptying his bin of toys...NOT to play with the toys, but to have Mike carry him around in the basket. This kept Jackson entertained for the majority of the Christmas Eve program.

We also went to the zoo, played wii, the boys played a lot of basketball and any other game involving competition, visited family, visited family, played games, ate, looked at Houston homes which are SO cheap, and LOVED IT. Thanks to Mike's family for the great trip.

I missed my family which was scattered in Virginia and other parts of the US, but I know they still had a great time.

Now I'm back to work and trying to figure out the next big thing to look forward too :(