Friday, February 22, 2008

American Idol

Okay, so some people try to hide the fact that they watch American Idol. I am NOT one of those people. I make it NO secret that I love American Idol. Especially with the writer's strike, I've spent all year looking forward to the next season of AI (like I do every year). I like the initial try-outs, Hollywood, the top 24 and crowning the next AI. Some people hate how they draw out the shows to 2 hours and the kick-off show to 1 hour. I, on the other hand, would watch AI if it was on all night. And with Ti-vo...I really have no problem with the long shows and even look forward to it.

So now that you understand that I love AI, I will give you my personal opinions on this season thus far. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think. All over, I think this season has a lot of exciting, likable and good singers. I definitely could kick off a few people, but overall I am excited about this season.

Can I also say...GO MORMONS. Seriously, it feels like Mormons are everywhere right now with Mitt's campaign (although now over). Now, Mormons are even all over AI. Represent!

My top 3 guys:
1. David Archuleta: Great voice, cute, likable, him

2. Michael Johns: Good stage presence, accent, I like his singing style, confident
3. David Cook and the other rockers: I would say it's a tie with him and the other rockers...they are solid and decent.
Favorite girls
I'm so confused about the's really a 6 way tie for me...but here I go.
1)Syesha: Beautiful, good singer...she's good.

2) Kady: She needs to stop acting like a snot, but I bet she can be really good...I like her potential
3) Carly: Good singer, but maybe no the most likable

4) Asia'h: She is super cute and bubbly, but she sounds like she is hoarse. I mean, have you heard her talk...she can barely get sound out!Random category:
Would be good but is WAY too much like Carrie Underwood. Hello, they look exactly the same!
Next guy to go:
1) Luke: Seriously IS THERE ANYONE IN THE WORLD that looks more like Orlando Bloom than this guy? Sorry, his singing doesn't cut it. He is SO quiet. I could hardly hear him!

2) Danny: Decent singer, but his feminine personality is not going to cut it...although it is kinda funny.

Next girl to go:

1)Amanda: I never have cared for the goth, trying to be hard just because stuff. Sorry girl.

So, that's it. Tell me what you guys think. Only 4 more days till American Idol again. haha.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So, people here may call me a BYU Homer...but I don't think I care. The Cougars just pulled out a win against our REAL rival Utah. Go Cougs. We also pulled out, I mean destroyed, our made-up rival UNLV last weekend. It's been a fun few days.

Eat that.

Awesome weekend in happy valley

So, Mike and I took a trip to Provo for the long weekend. It was so much fun to see so many friends and family. Here is a summary of the trip.
First we drove to Cedar City to watch a SUU basketball game and see Austin, Crystal, Dre and Fin Ainge. We had fun watching SUU win and spending time with our friends. Dre was a little confused when he woke up and saw Mike...and was a little disturbed when Mike tried to play with his dinosaur toy. I think he warmed up to him eventually though. haha. Just don't take toys from a 2 year old okay? Crystal also made awesome pancakes and even made homemade syrup that tasted like the Kneaders stuff. AWESOME.
Friday morning we made the rest of the drive to Provo. Mike met some guys to play basketball at the RB and I hung out with my friend Sarah Cummard and her baby Casey. Can I just say, that my friends Crytsal and Sarah have the cutest babies! Casey just sat a smiled the whole time we were talking.
After that, Mike and I got a tour of the new BYU alumni center from my friend Lauryn Dawes (picture below). Then we went to the Orem vs. Mountain View high school basketball game. Derek Dawes was one of the Orem coaches and my cousin was a cheerleader for Mountain I had split loyalties. Mountain View pulled off the upset though, so it was an exciting game.

(me, Mike and the cousins at the high school game pictured above)
Saturday Mike and I spent some time at our grandparents house and then went to the Marriott Center to watch the team shoot around. Mike got a couple of free shirts from the equipment manager and shot around with the team a little after their practice. As Mike says after making a lot of shots in a row, "still got it babe. Still got it." haha. What would Provo be like without a little Cafe Mike and I met up with some friends and got a little pre-game meal.

The BYU UNLV basketball was, well, perfect. It was sold out and UNLV never even had a chance. It was really fun watching a game at the Marriott Center WITH Mike instead of watching Mike. It was Mike's first game watching there and not playing. Mike was well received as many people jokingly asked him if he was going to suit up and get on the court! We miss it, but oh well...gotta move on sometime. Go Cougs!
Sunday morning we headed back to Las Vegas and stopped at our other grandparents in St. George and had a nice visit and meal.
GREAT weekend. We saw all of our best friends and family. Provo, I'll miss you...but not the cold.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun Updates

I initially forgot to mention another fun part of my weekend, probably the BEST part of my weekend in fact. I went out to a lovely dinner to Outback with some people from work...Keith, Wade and fam. These people are the best and the dinner was the BEST. (was that good Keith?)

So, Mike and I had a fun I figured I should blog about it.

On Saturday morning Mike and I went out to our house and got to pick out our landscaping. By landscaping, I mean Las Vegas style-landscaping. We picked out what color rocks we were going to use (red-ish ones), we picked out where our 15 x 20 grass-like turf was going to go, we picked out where to put our two African Sumac trees and picked 10 bushes! It was so fun. This is what our house looked like when we visited it on Saturday. They were just about ready to start texturizing the walls :)

We also got invited by our coustins Jeff and Aleena Hill to see Mystere. It was TOTALLY awesome. We loved it and were amazed and bizarre things people can do with their bodies. haha.
This last picture is just a picture for my friend Lyndsey. I told her I would post a picture of me with my leggings on. haha.

Thursday, February 7, 2008 I get it

This picture is exactly what I looked like AFTER filing taxes. Ugh. I'm glad I don't have to do that for another year.

So, I used to hear people constantly complaining about taxes. There are a few things in life that EVERYONE love to just whine about, a few of them being taxes, being busy, cold weather and needing to lose weight. Since I don't have kids and live in Las Vegas...that pretty much cancels all of these out...BUT taxes.

I was guessing my taxes refund based on last year, but what I didn't take into account is that last year I didn't even earn more than my deductions, so I got the full federal and state amount back. This year, we had a slightly different story.

As I'm sitting there entering in the separate W-2s, I am getting excited seeing a large federal return amount. As I enter the last W-2, the amount magically drops to a THIRD of the refund amount previously listed (I was e-filing my taxes, so it would tell me the federal tax return amount in the upper corner as I went). A THIRD. So you are telling me, because I added in that last small amount, I lost thousands of dollars! Wow. Kinda seems like an incentive to NOT earn money if you ask me.

I also spent about 3 hours figuring out my state tax since I lived in two states this year. ALL OF THIS for the total refund amount of $46. Worth it? I don't think so. On top of that, I filled it out electronically and, conveniently, my computer decided to freeze RIGHT when I was trying to print it. Yep, you guessed it...I had to refill all the forms all over again. Mike realized that I was kinda scary and had the potential of totally freaking at any moment, so he (smartly) stayed away. haha.

So, for all of you out there complaining about taxes. Give me a call because I feel like complaining as well. Apparently I'm poor enough to file online for free, but not to have the government keep SO MUCH of my money. At least I'm still poor enough to get the full $1200 extra rebate! Yeah for economic crisis!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Mike Starring in The Office

Mike's department at work (LGBS) made a video as part of a video competition we had at our holiday party. It's a parody of The Office. It's just a few minutes and Mike has a great role in it. Please watch and enjoy!