Friday, May 30, 2008

Virginia Fun

This past week I spent 5 wonderful days at home in Virginia. I had the BEST time with my family and loved getting to hang out with them. I love you guys! My family is the best.

-meeting my little nephew Aaron for the first time
-playing tea party with Erica "it's's okay" she always says when she gets a little scared
-giving my cousin Heidi the inspiring words to help her ride a bike for the first time
-seeing grandparents, aunts, uncles and eating wonderful BBQ (thanks Gordon!)
-watching Mike play wii golf with my little brother and watching their dunk competition on the tiny tots hoop
-staying up until 2 in the morning talking with my mom
-watching Indiana Jones in the FRONT row ( I think my neck STILL hurts)
-taking in all the beautiful green
-laughing as my dad tried to make his avg miles per galloon reach 40. I think he reached 38, good job dad.
-buying pretty dresses (thanks mom!)
-going to my friends wedding reception and seeing old friends

Thanks for the wonderful trip family, we love every minute. I have the BEST family.

*I also would like to give a little shout out to my MIL (mother-in-law) who came out to Vegas the week before. We had an awesome time with her shopping for the house and hanging out. She's the best!

me and my sis Hannah

me and my awesome lil bro

My most favorite cousins

Mike and baby Aaron. So cute!

Me and Erica, isn't the prettiest little thing ever?

My cute new dress for the wedding. My dad's response was, "wow, that's yellow..."

Me at my friend Julie's reception

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ever wonder...?

Ever wonder...what your hair would like a different color or style? I don't need to wonder anymore...I know.

Mike always wanted me to dye my hair brown. I think that's out of the question now.

haha. Awesome.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cause I'm leavin...on a jet plane

This is where I will be in 24 VIRGINIA. This trip is long overdue since I haven't been home in 1 YEAR. That's right. So for all of you people that complain about not seeing family, I win. :)
No matter how long I'm away from Virginia, I will always call it my home. I've missed the green, trees, shade, beauty and 4 seasons. I've missed with history and character of the East coast. I've missed the weird winding roads and streets that make no sense. I've missed the humidity. I've missed the diversity of northern Virginia. I've missed being strange and different for being LDS. I've missed the NON-poofy hair :) I've missed Washington DC and feeling a part of what was happening in the world...
Mainly though, I've missed my family. It's been too long. I'm SO excited to go home and be with them, my sister's new darling baby, cousins, grandparents and all.
VA here I come.

Friday, May 16, 2008

If at first you don't succeed...

(Pictured above: dough in trash can)

If at first you don't succeed...try, try again.

It all started when Mike and I had a bad day on Monday. To improve our moods, Mike decided me making a new recipe of cinnamon rolls would do the trick and help cheer us up. A few weeks ago, Mike made sure I got the recipe for these amazing cinnamon rolls we had at work. I already had a recipe, but I figured I would try out this new one.

TRY #1:
So, at 8 Mike and I head out to the store, buy all the necessary ingredients and come home. As I'm putting the ingredients together I came to the "add vanilla pudding" step. It was NO WHERE to be found even though I KNOW I put it in the cart in the store. It was already late, so we didn't want to go out to the store again. I poured the half put together mixture down the drain and decided to attempt them again tomorrow. I have to mention that a disappointed Mike is the saddest thing ever.

TRY #2: During my lunch break I bought a couple packs of pudding mix (just to be safe). When I got home from work I put all the ingredients together in the bread machine. I was feeling pretty smug because instead of slaving away at kneading the dough all evening, my bread machine was going to do it all for me. However, the recipe was large and I worried about the ingredients overflowing. As I start the bread machine, I notice all the ingredients toppling over the edge of the bowl. I open the top and try to cup my hands around the bowl so to keep the majority inside. My attempts failed as clumps of semi-mixed dough collapsed over the edges.

"At least when it turns into dough, it'll stop pouring over," I told myself. But it DIDN'T ever turn in to dough. It was WAY too dry. I frantically added water, wondering why it was SO dry. I re-read the recipe only to notice that had I been making it by hand, I would've added the 2 CUPS of milk to the vanilla pudding mixture. Since I only added the list of ingredients in the main section, I missed this VITAL ingredient all together!

I took my dry flaky sorry excuse for dough and dumped it in the garbage.

TRY: 3
Now I was DETERMINED. Ticked off, almost ready to cry yet laughing at the stupidity of the situation. But I HAD to succeed because my husband's happiness was depending on it. I cut the recipe in half, remembered the milk...and tried again. Then I realized it! This recipe was almost the EXACT same recipe I'd been using for the past 3 years. When I halved it, that's when I realized it. The ONLY difference in the whole thing (filling, topping and all) was 1 cup difference in flour.

ALL THIS WORK FOR THE SAME RECIPE. I called my sister Becca cracking up.

Needless to say, the rolls turned out great. Better than ever actually. Mike was so giddy that he gave out a yell "alright!" when he tasted the first one.

Within 24 hours, all cinnamon rolls were gone. We didn't share them with everyone. I only had 4. You do the math for how many Mike ate...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Lake Mead Dinner Cruise

For our anniversary, Mike and I went on a Lake Mead Dinner Cruise. It was a perfect evening with clear skies and no wind (big deal since it's been CRAZY windy the last month). Although Mike and I both agreed the inside of the boat could use a little updating (why is it that these kind of things always get stuck in the 80s?), the food was delicious and the views were spectacular. We even got to see a coyote and the Hoover Dam. We had a great time!

We had a full on meal with bread, broccoli soup, salad, salmon for me and prime rib for Mike, and chocolate bundt cake for dessert. In between courses, Mike and I went up top to watch the sunset and enjoy the beautiful evening.

Loved it! (I really want to contact HGTV and have them do a makeover on the inside of the's be an awesome transformation)

Boat: Desert Princess
Depart: 6:30
Return: 8:30
Our Boat :)
We even hot Happy Anniversary balloons!
Before we boarded, we walked around their gift shop/eating area. Aren't those the most uncomfortable looking seats EVER?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hair cut!

*note: this is a GIRLIE post...


Okay, those of you who know me...know that I NEVER do anything different with my hair. I'm pretty sure I've had the same basic hair cut since freshmen year in high school. Every time I go get my hair done I say to Mike, "I'm getting my hair done." He responds with, "anything different?" and then I say, "just the norm. But you still need to notice when I get home." Then when I come home he rants and raves over how beautiful it looks, although it doesn't really look different.

Well yesterday went a little differently.

Sitting in the hair dresser chair I decided to change it up a bit (big deal for me, probably not for normal people). I mentioned I wanted to try out a little bit of bangs, and so she told me to close my eyes and she cut them. haha. *I DID keep my eyes closed the whole time the bangs were being cut, by the way. She also trimmed off a few inches and gave me more layers.

I called Mike on the way home, "umm...I actually did something different with my hair..."

He responded with, "oh sure..."

When I came home he said, "Oh, that IS different...but I like it. I have to get used to it...but it's nice."

haha, he didn't want to say anything wrong. I proceeding to make him tell me every 5 mins that he liked my hair and he is expected to do the same for the next week.

I think I like it :) Thoughts?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This is a conversation that happened between me and Mike while at red box trying to decide on a "romantic" movie to watch for our anniversary.

Angela, "How about PS I Love You"
Mike, "It's out"
Angela, "How about 27 Dresses"
Mike," It's out too..."
Angela, slightly disappointed, "Oh...any chick flicks?"
Mike, "No, all the chick flicks are checked out...I guess it's because it's Valentine's Day."

Angela confused, "Mike, it's NOT Valentine's's our ANNIVERSARY."
Mike, "Oh yeah. haha. Whoops. I guess we'll just have to watch Oceans 13"

haha. Love it. Don't worry, that's not all we have in store for the anniversary. My surprise for Mike comes later this week so I won't blog about it now.

Monday, May 5, 2008

3 years?

Wow, have Mike and I really been married for 3 years already? Today Mike and I celebrate our 3 year anniversary. These years have flown by so fast and I've loved every minute of it. Marriage is great, especially when you are married to Mike :) Sorry ladies, he's taken. I look forward to many more years together.

I love you Mike...