Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Your opinions wanted:

Okay, it's PREDICTIONS time everyone. Now that the So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) is underway we are starting to realize which dancers HAVE it and which dancers don't have it. Here are my top girl and guy dancers and guy and girl dancers that will be going HOME this week.
Will, this guy has it all. He can do ALL styles of dancing amazingly. He's classy. Mike called him the winner after watching the Las Vegas I guess it has to be!
Kerrington (sp?). First of all, she is dang cute which helps a lot with this show. Second of all, she is with Twitch who is super awesome. She's done the most consistent job out of the ladies, I think.

Twitch: Awesome personality, classy, and he wears glasses with NO frames...awesome. haha. He's done really well and I find myself rooting for him every week. Him and Kerrington are my favorite couple.

Courtney: I don't think she's been able to really showcase her talent yet, but I'm excited about her potential. I think she'll really shine when they start dancing solo. This is Mike's pick to go farthest of the girls.
GUY KICKED OFF this week:
Chris: You are a tree, unathletic, soft, boring, less gangsta' than my grandma. I have nothing else to say. You should have gone home last week, and you WILL go home this week.
GIRL KICKED OFF this week:
Kourtni: Seriously? that's your name. I had no idea since you are not memorable at all. Sorry. Mike's reaction when I put her picture on my blog was, "who is she...I don't know who that is." that says it all. Sorry, you are going HOME this week.
Note: This is the year of the black guys...they seriously all are awesome. I put them all in the top guys!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dreaming of..

Dreaming of...vampires. Yes folks, I am OFFICIALLY obsessed with the Twilight series. I remember hearing people talk about it a couple of years ago. Vampires...teenage Strange, I thought. Oh no. These books are great. Life is basically a burden when I'm reading them. I hate eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, work...anything that takes me away from reading these books.

Just call me Bella for the next few weeks while I read the 3rd book. Oh, and I may have a crush on Edward. Who doesn't though?!

The 4th, Breaking Dawn, comes out on August 2nd the first chaper from Midnight Sun, Twilight from Edward's perspective.