Friday, July 25, 2008

The Dinner Disaster

So, now that everyone knows I'm pregnant...I'll just admit that I am so tired and Mike is totally having to pick up the slack around the house including: making dinner. (look, it makes me feel sick to cook alright?) So, here is a dinner story from this week:

On the menu for this past Tuesday night was:

Before I get home Mike puts the lasagna in the oven and we wait until 6:30 to take it out. When he goes to take it out I start hearing Mike yell "help!" and I hear all this sizzling. (Note: Mike forgot to put the lasagna on a pan, so it collapsed in the middle, spilling all the contents on to the floor of the oven)

I, surprisingly since I don't do quick movements these days, ran over to Mike to see what was happening. Once I determined that he was NOT burned (check) I looked to see an ENTIRE PARTY size (not family, PARTY) of lasagna on the BOTTOM of the oven.

Mike: "Hurry, get a spatula. Salvage some of the lasagna on the bottom of the oven so we can eat something for dinner"
(Angela and Mike trying to scoop some of the sizzling lasagna off scorching oven floor)
Angela: just hysterically laughing...
After salvaging enough for a little dinner...
Angela: "okay, just close the oven until it cools, then we'll clean it"
(Mike attempts to close oven door and noodles are totally oozing and squishing in the door preventing it from closing)

I was seriously crying I was laughing so hard.

It took both me and Mike cleaning for 45 mins to clean it all up, but it was worth it for the laugh.

Thanks Mike for being such a good husband to me while I'm lame and making me dinner. You are the best!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Guess what?

What is......

About one inch long
the size of a medium green olive
9 weeks old
the reason why I haven't posted in a month
and making its mommy not feel too great?

That's right. I'm PREGNANT. Mike and I are very excited, and I am very tired. The due date is March 1st, practically an eternity away. I hope I can make it!