Friday, August 15, 2008

Hooray! ...and more.

Hooray, I went running yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks. I am happy to have exercise a part of my life again! More than that though, I'm happy and have enough energy to even want to exercise.

The jokes from the guys at work are continually increasing in frequency and in obnoxiousness. haha. Here are the things that have been said to me this week by my friendly male employees.

ring ring *phone
Angela: "Hello?"
Unnamed male boss: "Angela, can you come waddle over to my office real fast?"
Angela: "Can I what...?!"

Unnamed male boss: "Angela, here is a flyer for a UNLV women's football camp. You should go since you are going to be the size of a football player soon."

Unnamed male boss: "We should have an office poll to see how much weight you gain!"
Angela: "No, not a good idea. You better hope I'm the cutest pregnant person or these jokes aren't going to be funny in a few months."

Angela: "Ugh, I have to go to the bathroom again. You have to go a lot when you are pregnant."
Unnamed male employee: "It's all mental."
Angela: "I'm not saying I'm sick or tired...I'm saying I need to go to the bathroom. Mental?"

Unnamed male boss: "Wow, you are totally huge. You are really showing"
(reality check: I have a tiny bump, I've gained a total of 4 lbs)
Angela fires back: "Really, about you turn to the side so I can see your profile. I'm pretty sure your stomach looks more pregnant than my 3 MONTH PREGNANT STOMACH."

Nice one huh? haha. He deserved it. Don't worry. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let the comments begin

I'm pregnant, therefore people have started to say weird things to me.

I've officially been told that my face looks "pregnant." In the exact words of my coworker, "Your face looks pregnant. Not like you are were too skinny before though, so it's not bad."

Umm...that sounds to me like you are saying my face looks sugar coating that.

Feel free to comment on how that is a silly comment, but NOT if you agree with it or not. The picture right below is me 3 weeks ago, the one below that is this VERY moment. Oh well. Just call me Pregnant Face. (Yes I purposefully made the below picture smaller in case you are actually sitting there going..."hmm...maybe she IS a fat face. Not sure though cause the pic of small" Don't even think about enlarging it :) )

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Updates on baby, trips and life

I've been keeping busy the past few weeks. Here are some of the highlights.
FIRST, and most importantly...the baby is doing well and I am 11 weeks along. I had an appointment yesterday and got to see the little (4 cm long) squirt move it's little hand up and down by its face. I think it was waving to me :) Also, starting 1 week ago (at 10 weeks) I have stopped feeling sick (mostly). Wow. Seriously, not being nauseous is the BEST. I have even started having food dreams. Yes, let the crazy pregnancy dreams begin. My favorite one included everyone in my office bringing me cupcakes and giant cookies because they thought it was my birthday! Heck yeah. Once they found out it wasn't my bday, they started eating all of them. I wasn't happy.

Breaking Dawn. This brings me on to my next topic...Breaking Dawn...which is slightly confusing for me to ready since I keep confusing things in the book with my life. If you have read the book, then you can see the similarities from the first half. haha. I keep waking up and telling myself, "okay, no I'm not married to a vampire."

Rose Family Reunion. In Oakley, UT near Park City at an awesome cabin. We had so much fun with the cowboy theme and enjoyed seeing family. Below is a picture of me after riding in Mike's dust on the ATVs.

This is a pic of Mike on the 5th story roof where there's a hottub!
CA trip. Last weekend Mike and I went to Valencia and Newport to visit my sister and her darling family (today is her due date...c'mon baby!). We had a beach day on Saturday, which was very needed. The waves we were awesome and so were my body boarding and body surfing skills. So much fun.