Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's A....

We are carrying on the Rose family tradition of having a...

The Rose name lives on. Mike's first response to me was "Are you mad at me?" (since Roses only have boys). Then he responded with "He's going to be a PGA Tour golfer!" He also analyzed the ultrasound pictures and has decided that it looks like he has a nice, strong, athletic build. haha.

We are so excited for our little buddy. Cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and sports...here we come!
PS Baby looks good and everything measured perfectly.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tick tock...

4 days...and counting until we find out if we are having a

little Mike (BOY)

or...a little Angela (GIRL)

I think it's a girl. Mike thinks it's a boy. We'd be thrilled with either!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are you serious with me?

Here's the story (picture BELOW story for SHOCKING suspense):

Background: A woman in my office feels the need to tell me on a weekly basis that she is "surprised" with how much I'm showing already. This started about a month ago and since then, the EXACT same conversation has taken place approximately 4 times....until TODAY when it happened a 5th time, but with a different reaction on my part. Typical convo goes as follows:

Woman: "Wow, you're showing"
Angela: "Yeah, I know...how fun!"
Woman: "I'm surprised at how much you are showing already though" *spoken not rudely, but with genuine concern, absolute wonder, and complete puzzlement (a word?) at how this could possibly be.
Woman still puzzled: "hmm...I didn't show at all until I was 6 months pregnant."
Angela: "Wow, that's pretty late to show" (hinting I'm TOTALLY normal and not concerned by my growth thus far)
Woman trying to resolve utter confusion with my huge belly: "Well, I was tiny though" (as in that's why she showed so late and that it's a way different situation from mine)

These exact same phrases have been said to me 4 times, with every time I see her. So yesterday, when she walked by...lo and behold, the same convo started up...but with a different reaction from me.

Woman: "Wow, you're showing"
Angela: "yep"
Woman: "How far along are you?"
Angela: "Pretty far...I'm 17 weeks" (I LOVE showing...I've waited 17 weeks for my little belly :) )
Woman: "That's not very far...I'm surprised you're showing that much...I didn't show till I was 6 months..."
Angela interjecting since I couldn't believe this convo was happening AGAIN: "Yes, I know...you let me know every week how surprised you are that I'm showing so much. Apparently I'm a fat A" *my hand up in the air like "oh well" (for your knowledge, I didn't use the A word...I really just said 'A') Yikes, watch out for pregnant Angela!

Here's the belly. Are you shocked? Maybe you should be. haha.

Note: If you were really shocked the first time you saw my belly...wouldn't you have just ACCEPTED it by the next 4 times so that it wouldn't shock you with every subsequent viewing?

Disclaimer: Don't worry, I'm not paranoid about my belly. I feel like I am progressing at a very normal rate and am content.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gold Medal Performance?

So, tonight was our Quarterly Relief Society Enrichment Activity for church and we put on a Talent Show. As part of the Enrichment Committee, we decided we TOO were going to participate in the Talent Show...what did we decide to do you ask?
With the recent amazing Olympics...we decided we'd do a

Synchronized swimming routine (complete with blue tarp for the water). Costumes included bikini's outside our shirts and swim caps.

ENJOY! (I'm second from the left)

Funny note: I was also the MC for tonight's Talent Show. Right before our skit I realized I hadn't given anyone the camera to record, so as part of my announcement of our act I added "and...I have to have someone record this...because this is going to make a great blog" and I handed the camera to a random person :) I'm a dork.

Go blogs!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The "bump"

For all of you who requested an updated picture of me, including the belly, here it is! There is INDEED a little bump and I officially am uncomfortable in all my old clothes. No seriously, I am busting out of these jeans. haha.

Let the count down begin.

In 3 weeks, Sept 30 we find out if we are having a BOY or GIRL!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cheese anyone?

This labor day weekend, Mike and I and the whole Rose clan gathered in Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin you ask? Well, Mike's brother just started school at Wisconsin (getting his MBA) and Mike's little brother got home from a mission so we thought it was a great excuse to get together.
It's true what people think about Wisconsin. Cheese. But added to that list is also Frozen Custard, Bratts and beer. The cheese and Bratts were pretty good, but the beer was average. JUST KIDDING (we didn't drink beer). Yes, pretty much a guaranteed disaster to your waistline :). Mike and I were pleasantly surprised with how pretty it was and enjoyed looking at all the pretty lakes.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

1)Trip to see some pretty gardens
2)The mustard museum: Yes folks, who ever knew such a wonderful place existed. Now, if I only liked mustard.... (I have a cold in the below pic, gimmie a break!)
3) Food :) Dinner at Outback...well, I ate dinner while Mike picked up pine cones with 2 year old Jackson outside the restaurant since Jackson wasn't so into sitting :)
4)Playing games with the fam

5)Holding 2 month old Bennett...well I kept trying to hold him, but Mike kept on stealing him away from me
6) A jazz music lesson from return missionary, and drum extraordinaire, Jordan Rose

We had a blast! Thanks Greg and Heidi for letting us come visit! We miss you guys.