Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things I learned from...


1. Women love to vent, and men are squeamish

2. 80s pregnancy videos are the best (especially when they involve pregnant women in over sized overalls with Winnie the Pooh T-shirts, and men in all black with cross necklaces and mullets.

3. Rolling pin. When preparing for the hospital, pack a bag and make sure to include items such as a change of clothes, baby outfit, ROLLING pin...wait, ROLLING PIN? Yes, the video told us to pack a rolling pin.

4. If you attend childbirth class at 26 weeks, you are a dork! All 12 other couples were in their last month of pregnancy. That's what I get for being a planner :)

5. Slow dance for relaxation technique. According to the video, "a great way to relax is to sway. You can slow dance with your partner to your favorite song." Riiiiiiggggghhhhht, I'm gonna do that during labor.

6. Mike doesn't know a lot about woman stuff.

Mike: "Labor is seriously more than 12 hours? Are you sure? I thought it was like 4..."

7. Funny joke. After listening to the video say "the baby then navigates through the birth canal, which is S shaped" it then proceed to show the baby impossibly fitting through this S shaped thing.

Mike responded to this with, "haha...okay, that's a funny joke God..."

8. Warning message. Videos should REALLY consider putting a warning message right before the actual birth of the baby. Yikes!

9. Mike is going to pass out during the delivery. While watching the delivery section of the video, I looked at Mike and he face was a little white and he was breathing really deeply and slowly opening and closing his eyes. I really thought he was going to faint...and it was just the video!

I hope you found this childbirth lesson very informational! Stay tuned for highlights from next weeks last childbirth class session...

Addition: People have been asking about the purpose of the rolling pin. I believe it is meant to be used for "massage" purposes. "Massage" was one of the relaxation techniques they gave :)

Friday, November 14, 2008


Seriously...buying a stroller shouldn't be this difficult. These are all the different issues I'm having finding the perfect stroller:

1) I want a running stroller, but I also want a stroller I could use for normal things

2) Running strollers usually have a front wheel that is locked, making it impossible for easy maneuvering for "normal things"

3) If you get the running stroller with the swivel front wheel option, you can do "normal things" but it costs tons more

4) Running strollers overall cost a lot more than normal strollers

5) Why would they have "jogging strollers" that people in the reviews say they "aren't meant for jogging, but more for walks"

6) If I get a nice stroller now, what do I do once I have another child. ..Just leave the older one at home?

7) Do I buy a double stroller now so I won't just have to buy another one in a few years?

8) What if my child hates running with me and this is all just a waste of money...

Any suggestions for good front swivel wheel jogging strollers under $250? Brand names?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And the name is...

Colton Daniel Rose

Colton because we like it.
Daniel because that's my dad's name (and oldest brother's name)
Rose because he's stuck with that one :)

I'm pretty sure with a name like that, little Colton has GOT to be the cutest, most handsome, talented and cool kid! Hope you like it. If you don't, just pretend you do. You'll get used to it eventually and then love it :)

Less than 4 months left until our little Colton joins us.