Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You do the math...


1 person has the stomach flu...
who comes in contact with 13 people staying at one house...
who get together with 17 other family members at a Christmas Eve party?


(All within a 24 hour period)0
8 of the 13 people in the house get sick AND then recover,
10 of the 17 people at the Christmas Eve party get sick,
TOTALING 18 sick.

Thanks to my sister Hannah for being that 1 person to start it all. We love you. haha. (we were all better quickly, by the way). Here's to family, love, and sharing.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Braxton Hicks

So, I finally realized this Saturday that it isn't my baby getting in slightly uncomfortable positions in my belly...I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions. Now, that I know I'm having BR contractions, I've been analyzing them...

???Am I having too many...how long have I been having them...how long do they last...how many per hour...is this normal...can I still run...should I call my doctor...do they happen more when I run...Is that okay???

The thing that keeps me calm is that they do not hurt at ALL, just a slight tightening. I'm realizing that I've been having them for a couple weeks. I guess my body is just getting ready for what it's gonna have to do in 9 WEEKS. AGHHHH...

PS I got a 3D ultrasound of my baby and he is stinkin' cute. Mike keeps saying to me now, "I want to hold my baby Colton!" He'll just have to wait 9 more weeks :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh the weather outside

...is frightful.
AND I LOVE IT. Welcome to Las Vegas. Welcome to my winter wonderland. It snowed here on Monday and we got 3 inches at our house. Today we had a winter storm warning and so my boss let me go home a little early to beat the storm. We are supposed to get 3-6 inches by the time it's over.

1) Our snow covered house
2) Our tree that CANNOT withstand the snow and insists on making this awesome U shape3) Our baby snowman (Sorry Colton, he'll have to replace you until you get here)4) Mike STILL golfing in the back yard (see video)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I present to you...

...the pictures from the UGLY SWEATER party Mike and I attended this weekend. What a perfect way to bring in the Christmas cheer... with a bunch of hideously dressed friends.

If you are wondering what an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party is...it is JUST that. A party where you wear ugly sweaters. Thanks DI!

Mike's outfit: Complete with Mr. Rogers sweater, high water lightweight tweed pants, and payless Adidas imitation sneakers.
Angela's outfit: Complete with leggings, puke green sweatshirt sporting red and gold bows WITH a fake turtleneck collar, and red hair ribbon to tie together the whole outfit.

Me and some of the girls (the panda purple sweater won ugliest for the girls)
Mike and I helped Matt (the guy to Mike's left) pick out his sweater. He realized half way through the night that it was a WOMEN's sweater.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Shower Fun

(cute bag my mother-in-law got me!)
Over Thanksgiving break I had a baby shower with my family in Utah. I have to say I have the best family AND I married into the best family. It's quite a good combo. Here are the highlights of the shower in pictures.

1) Colton got a JUMPEROO: This is Mike's favorite since he feels it will help baby Colton develop his "hops" (jumping ability)

2) Colton Quilt: My talented cousin made this and we tied it at the shower. The colors just happen to work perfectly in my house!

3) Golf socks: Yes, these socks look like little golf shoes with socks. They are all the trendy baby rage in LA. Now all Colton needs is the little knickers and hat and he'll be set as a golfer :) Thanks Becs.
4) Family: Thanks to Aunt Katie for hosting the shower and for everyone for coming. If you are not pictured below but came...it's probably because I felt like I looked a little pregnant round-faced...so, don't be offended :) (It was great to see you Aunt Susie, Sarah and Amy!) Thanks for all your generosity!
5) Colton himself: Of course Colton was a highlight, the shower was ALL about him. Speaking of Colton, look how big he's getting!
PS sorry all my posts are about my pregnancy...unless you want to hear about work, future baby Colton is pretty much my life right now :)