Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As requested

Here is an updated belly pic for those special friends who really wanted one.
If you were wondering what an 8 month prego person looks you go! (Disclaimer: I'm at my office, not the best pic...don't ask me what's up with my bangs. Weird.)
Umm....I had a Dr appt yesterday and he said the baby's head was measuring at 37 weeks and I was almost at a 1! Aghhh...for 2 reasons.
1) I am planning on having the baby in 4 1/2 weeks (37 makes it a week and a half earlier)
2) Since I'll probably still end up going on my due date...this kid is going to have a HUGE noggin'...not ideal for birthing if you ask me.

Here's to another 4 1/2 weeks, or 3 if he comes according to his head size. Probably not though. I'm not getting my hopes up.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here's the REAL question

First of all, thank you for all of you that voted in my poll that Colton is going to come close to his due date. A "not so very much" thank you to the 5 of you who voted Colton will come a week late. (I'm planning on a week late so I don't go crazy BTW)
Okay, here is the REAL question everyone is asking themselves though...

Will Colton have RED hair?

I kinda hope he does :) Vote what you think...will Colton look like a little Mike?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Okay, I get it now.

So, most woman complain during pregnancy about various aches, pains, and such. I have been pretty blessed and have had a good pregnancy and as a result...haven't really complained. Now that I'm at less than 6 weeks...I'm starting to get it now (the complaining). And YES, I do know that it'll only get worse from here on out.

Allow me to vent. Here are a few pregnancy things that are getting a little old:

1) My underwear digging into my bladder as a result of my growing tummy
2) Colton's bum which refuses to move from underneath my right rib
3) Sitting down. I had to take 4 laps, YES 4, around the office on Thursday morning because it was too uncomfortable to sit down. I'm thinking about bringing in an exercise ball to sit on.
4) Driving in cars. I canNOT get comfortable. I go crazy in the 20 min drive to and from work. Also, I have zero torso rotation so it is practically impossible for me to turn and check for cars.
5) I can't reach my toes. Thank heavens for slip on shoes. In nursery, for the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" I've had to start using our 'magic stars' (stars on straws) to help us touch the body parts. This star helps me actually reach my toes.
6) Getting off the couch. Mike and I have mastered the "launch Angela off the couch technique" which involved Mike putting his hands or feet on my back and basically, launching me onto my feet in a standing position.
7) Eating. Forget eating extra calories. I can't eat a meal without feeling ridiculously full and uncomfortable for the rest of the day, so I just live on snacks.
8) Everyone letting me know that I'm really out there now. haha. Yes, I know. I do have an entire 18 inch, 5 lb child in me. I better have a tummy...hello!
9) Belly buttons. My belly button has recently started poking out. Everyone also likes to let me know that they can see it. I hope it doesn't offend anyone. If it does, deal with it :)
10) Drop kick in the gut. Colton has an awesome kick that he does right in my gut/bladder area. He does this repeatedly until I make him move. He gets a little unhappy when I do this.

(Obviously the chubby face isn't a great thing about the end of pregnancy either. I'm over that though.)

Don't worry, I'm really doing fine. Just instead of responding to "How are you doing?" with "great thanks"...I now respond with "huge". :) Love you Colton!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Results are in...(drum roll)

And the winner is...
IT'S A DEAD TIE (seriously, no joke)!

Excluding comments from the author and duplicate comments by the commenters, we both had exactly 17.

Including duplicate comments from commenters:
Angela-25 (Thanks Renee for the 7 comments :) ) Check Spelling

Overall comments:
Mike-33 (since people kept asking him ball questions and he wanted to answer them)

But, I say I win since (as Kara said in my comments) I'm pregnant so I'm allowed to just do things like that.

Favorite moment: Ryan attemps to give blind guy a high five!

A guy that was almost fully blind made it through to Hollywood. While showing his golden ticket Ryan Seacrest attempts to give him a high five, only to remember that he is BLIND and says (while he's left hangin') "I was giving you a high five right there"

Mike and I had to rewind that about 5 times and I'm pretty sure Colton was so confused at all the tummy tightening from the laughing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's War!

It's official. I have been challenged to a duel with my husband Mike in the world of blogs.He has been recruited to do posts on a BYU sports blog Apparently, it was getting decent traffic during football season, but is new to the BYU basketball world. Mike just posted a BYU Basketball Mid-term Report Card post. He says he thinks he can get MORE COMMENTS on his post, than I can on my blog post.

So, the war is officially on...and I need you all to make a random comment on this blog so I can beat Mike! I am very competitive :) He already has 7 comments and just posted an hour ago.

Comment away!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Drive by...

Here is the quick drive by viewing of our amazing Christmas break trip to Virginia.

1) Airplanes with pregnancy. Me being worried flying on an airplane for 5 hours at 32/33 weeks pregnant. I have also decided that going to the restroom in the airplane is terrifying. Seriously, isn't the "flush" the loudest and scariest experience with the air tornado-ing around?

2) Christmas Eve program stars. Mike and I performed a fantastic rendition of Jingle Bell Rock, complete with bells. It was a hit! I also played Mary in the nativity scene program, although my niece Erica stole the baby Jesus. :)
3) Family pictures...all 17 of us...and within hours after of our stomach flu episode. 7-9 members of this crew were sick within the 24 hrs prior to this family pic. It's a Christmas miracle to have everyone there and all the babies smiling! 4) Baby Shower. I had a fantastic baby shower with friends and family. Colton is one lucky boy!5) Ringing in the New Year in style. Mike and I sported festive head and eye gear to bring in the New Year. (Mike is wearing 2009 glasses)

We had a great time and miss our family in VA already. I better hurry up and have this baby so people come to visit me!

7 weeks left until baby Colton is born.