Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A day in the life of...


The past 24 hours in review:
Hey, speaking of 24, I actually also turn 24 on Sunday!

(NOTE: I love Colton dearly, just not the way he eats. Read on to see why.)

11 p.m.- Go to bed (Mike put Colton down)

11:45-12:45 a.m.- feed Colton (45 mins), pump (10 mins), supplement with bottle since he didn't get enough (5 mins). Colton is one of the slowest and most inefficient eaters, hence the extreme time commitment.

12:45-2 a.m.- Help Colton fall to sleep

2-4 a.m.- Sleep

4-5:15 a.m.- Feed Colton, pump, supplement with bottle

5:15-6:30 a.m.- Sleep (sleep total up to 4 hours!)

6:30-7:30 a.m- Feed Colton, pump, supplement with a bottle and put Colton in bed next to me

7:30-9 a.m.- In denial about having to get up for the day. Sleep on and off.

you get the idea...

My day continues with this same 2 1/2 to 3 hour cycle of hour eating sessions, pumping, supplementing with bottles. By the time I'm DONE with the whole feeding thing, it's usually been more than an hour and then I only have about and hour or so left until the NEXT feeding. Colton drips milk all over me, so I usually smell like milk as well as being drenched in milk. He also smells like milk and often needs a change of clothes from dribbling the milk all over himself with his weak latch. He requires complete attention while feeding, I can't look away, do anything else, sleep, or relax for longer than 30 seconds until he needs my help again. Then after all this feeding which lasts 40 mins, he still needs more food since he hasn't gotten enough.

I also forgot to mention that during eating, Colton kicks me and growls at me when he's not falling asleep or pushing off me!

It's almost been a month of bad eating, and if things don't improve in the next week...Colton and I are going to have to work something else out. My patience is wearing thin and I can't keep doing this, I'm going crazy!

C'mon Colton, mommy would really appreciate if you showed some improvement.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kiss me...

I'm Irish. (this is what Colton's PJs say)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(I promise he is not cross-eyed. He must've been looking at his nose. haha)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby's First Steps

Today Colton took his first steps out into the world. By first steps, of course we mean being carried by Daddy in the Baby Bjorn. Apparently Colton was a little overwhelmed by the world because while he was wide awake when we exited the house, after 3 steps he closed his eyes and went to sleep. I guess it is a little much to take in. While sleeping, however, he DID make sure to hold on to the straps for DEAR life (as you can see in the picture).

Here are a few more pictures of Colton. Yes, I am aware he still looks kinda yellow. That's because he jaundice is still not totally gone, however it isn't at a level which is harmful.
He loves taking a couple bottles from daddy during the day.

Doesn't it look like he knows something that we don't?

Mike won a basketball tournament and Colton thought it'd be fun to wear his medal

Colton just looking cute.

Snuggling with grandma

Sleeping with daddySleeping with grandma

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Picture of Contentment

Here is a video of my cute little Colton just being himself. He was so funny today, he seriously was having so much fun being awake and being part of the action, so he wouldn't fall asleep. Every time we'd look down at him while we were watching the BYU basketball game, his eyes would be wide open looking at us. He's so cute.

You don't need to watch the whole thing, don't worry--however, there IS an extremely cute yawn at the very end. I mainly posted this for my MIL who thought I was slacking in the picture category :)

(Oh, and don't mind the random Angela singing in the background. I'm a dork)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back to the Hospital

( My little "zoro" trooper. Poor little guy.)

Wondering why you haven't heard from us for the last few days?

That's because I've spent the last 3 days in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) with a very jaundiced baby. On Monday at our first doctors appt, they told me I had a very orange baby. When they called me back with his biliruben count, it was very high and they told me to go immediately to the hospital where I would be admitted right away and Colton would sit under lights to help him get better.

When we got to the intensive care unit, we also found out that Colton was very dehydrated. Colton was a little bit of a rough starter on nursing, but I thought we were making progress. Apparently, he really wasn't getting much although I had it all there for him.

It's every new mother's fear that her child isn't getting enough food, and this fear was EXACTLY what actually happened. I felt poor little guy.

Over the next 3 days, I don't think I slept longer than a 20 minute period with the temperature checks, beeping machines, pumping, feeding, nurses checking in and out, lab people taking his blood, getting IVs, poking and pricking, putting on and off his "zoro" mask for his bed and sharing a double cot with my mother (who is the most amazing person and staying with me helping me the ENTIRE time).

I am exhausted. However, I am now home and so grateful to be home with my little boy! He did SO well the entire time and actually didn't mind sleeping under the lights at all. It was like he was taking a vacation at the beach laying out under the sun. Needless to say, I've cried more the in past 3 days than I think I ever have. I am feeling positive and very grateful now though.

I love my little Colton.

*Mike was so amazing thru all of this juggling going to work, coming to the hospital, picking up food, and being a very supportive and loving husband and father. Here is a picture of my happy boy since he is feeling so much better!