Sunday, April 26, 2009

Colton's Blessing Day

Today Mike gave Colton his Baby Blessing. Mike did a great job and Colton apparently was awake but closed his eyes when Mike started giving the blessing. What a reverent baby! haha.

We had a great weekend with Jordan (mike's bro), Joey (my bro), Becca and Bree (my sister and her youngest daughter) who stayed at our house. (A special thanks to Mike's grandparents who made the drive from St. George, our friends Brooke and Zach, and cousins Geoff, Aleena and daughters for celebrating the baby blessing with us!).

Colton loved his aunt Becca and cousin Bree. I think every time Becca held him, he fell asleep. She must have the relaxing mother's touch!
Colton with Uncle Joey
Colton gives a nice grin and shows off his double chin :)Colton with Uncle Jordan Wow, look at that chin!

LOOK at post below :)

I don't think...

we'll need to take a paternity test.

Just like daddy :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

This will be me...

...tomorrow (picture below)! I have been given the OK by my doctor to start exercising! Yesssss. I come. Just in time for the Vegas 100+ degree weather to kick in.

Any other good suggestions to get that body back into shape? Also, I would appreciate a magic "shrink your hips back to their normal size" recipe. I can fit in my pre-prego pants--well, the legs that is-- but when it comes to the zipper and buttoning them...not a chance. haha, thanks Colton! Love ya.

*Although this (below) will be me tomorrow, I hope that I will look a little more like I am MOVING and not slowly shuffling. This IS, however, probably a realistic depiction of how I will look as it has been 3 1/2 months since I last ran. Sad. (She does have killer arms though--I will give her that.)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Analysis

Okay, this is long overdue. I thought I'd do a quick analysis on the contestants left on American Idol. Please feel free to voice your opinions as well!

Going home this week...MATT: It's a shame, because I like the idea of him and what his style could havebeen. I think his voice is very marketable. Unfortunately, he never showed the personality to give him the votes.

Going home next week..LIL: Seriously, who the heck was her image/style person? She is so everywhere across the board (both image and song choice) that I feel like I have no idea what kind of an artist she would be. I'm pretty sure the hair person has had a blast when her since it hasn't been the same 2 weeks in a row!Most talented but still a little creepy...ADAM: This guy owns the stage and he does a great job. That being said, I don't know that I would actually enjoy listening to him on the radio and his voice is kinda Aerosmith oldschool. Man, he can do those high notes. That being said, I still find him a little creepy. Plus--his pants are way too tight. Very good, but isn't going to make it...ALLISON: This girl can really sing. She doesn't really have the likability factor however. Going to go to the final 3...DANNY...KRIS...ADAM: This is a total guy year, let's be honest. Danny has had the total camera love from day one and is very likable. He's thru to the end. I'm pretty sure every little teenage girl out there is in love with Kris. Adam is unlike anything we've ever seen in the show. They are my final 3. Wild Card...ANOOP. This guy is great. I've loved him since day one. I don't think he's got star potential, but I enjoy him. Who knows how far he'll go.

What are YOUR thoughts?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yep...that's right

He is pretty dang cute. How about THIS to go in your Easter basket?
*This is Colton's first day at church in his cute Easter outfit. Eat it up.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 Minutes

This is the MAX length of time that Colton lets me put him down-- not hold him-- before he starts crying. This is what I call a leech baby (a very cute leech baby, that is).

He doesn't do bouncers, swings, or anything else that most children love. As long as we are holding him, he is pretty good, but once we put him down he acts like no one has ever loved him in his life. Ever! It's quite sad. I guess he just wants to know he is loved and that we are WORKING. Kinda makes it impossible to get anything done.

I start work from home in a few days and am a little nervous about it...anyone have ANY suggestions about things to try to help me become a little more hands free? (or will I just have to accomplish work, shower, cleaning, everything during his naps?)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Trick

Here is Colton's new trick--holding his head up. He learned how to do it well yesterday during his "tummy time" and is now our personal little bobble head.

Again, I promise he is not cross eyed, eventhough he looks like it in this video. And YES, I do know that my child is balding and his hair is messy. YOU try keeping a newborn's long hair nicely styled when his head is bobbling around everywhere. It had been a cute mohawk minutes earlier.

*The best part is at the end...way to go Mike keeping an eye on your son. haha.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Favorite Things

Here are a few of Colton's favorite things:

(*I'm working on Colton's bedtime routine including WHAT time to put him to bed...any suggestions/advice?)

1. Making cute faces
2. His binky
3. Looking handsome4. Getting chubby cheeks (seriously, I think he gained a pound in his it)
5. His daddy (his favorite place to sleep is on daddy's chest. Put's him out every time, guaranteed)
6. Wearing a mowhawk! It only stays up for a few minutes, but it is pretty dang cute.