Thursday, October 29, 2009

And now presenting...

Colton the PIRATE. Arrrr....

Cutest pirate ever? I think so.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's official!

I am officially part of the "Mommy Club". How did I officially become a member you ask? Because tonight, I officially lost my mind. I spent 3 hours at a church activity tonight without even realizing that I was wearing 2 DIFFERENT SHOES.
Proof below (black and brown--not even close):
The story of the mismatched shoes:

Tonight was Young Women in Excellence, a big night for the YW. I was in charge of all the musical numbers and hoping for a smooth night. I was feeling very proud of myself, all freshly showered, with no spit up on the shoulder, make up on, and hair straightened. Looking good. As I'm leaving, my child is screaming for me (very common these days as I am the only one that can calm him down) and so while holding him--all 22.5 lbs of him-- I finish getting my things to go out the door. No hands, I open the closet and dig one foot into the pile of shoes and put a shoe on one foot...I then dig with the other foot a little more and put another shoe on. Peep toe...heel...check.

Fast forward 3 hours until activity is over...

YW leader: "Angela, did you realize you were wearing two different shoes?"
Then one of the young women piped in: "yeah, I noticed that during the program. I didn't tell you because I figured there was nothing you could do about it. I told a few of the other girls though."
Then, trying to make me feel better she said: "It's okay, it happens sometimes."
To which I replied with: "I actually don't think it does happen...ever..."
End of embarassing story.

I was laughing so hard I was crying. So, maybe I've lost my mind...but at least I haven't lost my sense of humor! Anyone else ever have mommy moments like this?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Patch: Vegas Style

So, me and my friend Brooke decided to go to a pumpkin patch today. We knew Vegas didn't have the best pumpkin patches (okay, let's be honest. Vegas fall stinks. It doesn't exist), but figured it would still be fun to at least get the classic "cute pictures of my baby on a pumpkin" picture.

However, it's a little harder than we thought to find a pumpkin patch. Here are our attempts this afternoon.
Pumpkin Patch #1: Some orchard. We were very excited..."oooo an orchard. How cool." Right? No not cool. Only open Tuesday, Thursday and Sat from 8 to 12. AND...from what we could see, there were random, tiny half-smashed pumpkins in this open scary field.
Pumpkin Patch #2: Deserted looking shed with lots of "Closed" signs. Same story. Not open. (looked more like a haunted house than a pumpkin patch)
Pumpkin Patch #3: I called Mike and he checked the one by my work...closed after noon. It's in a dirt lot right by an intersection.
Pumpkin Patch #4: WALMART! Yes, they are ALWAYS open and were bound to have pumpkins. Happy Halloween Colton. I hope your first pumpkin patch experience at Walmart was a good one ("unbeatable" even...see above picture)!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at Colton's Halloween costume.

Be excited for Halloween. Be very, very excited.
And just to get in the spirit of things, here are the first few pirate jokes I found while searching the Internet:

Q: How do you keep a pirate from robbing your house?
A: Fill your lawn with beavers! (Angela commentary: What? As in, they'll eat the wood of the boat?)

Q: Why did the pirate visit the Sistine Chapel?
A: To admire the ARRchitecture! (Angela commentary: That's not even funny. Architecture and pirates don't combine for humor, neither does emphasizing ARR in words.)

Q: What kind of phone calls do pirates make late at night?
A: Arrr, they be makin' BOOTY calls! (Angela commentary: Okay, that's just inappropriate. haha.)

Q: How many pirate jokes are lame?
A: Most of them ARR! (Angela commentary: I couldn't agree more.)

Q: Why did the pirate cross the sea?
A: To get to the other tide! (Angela commentary: Really? REALLY? C MON. That just makes me mad.)

Q: What is a pirate's favorite cereal?
A: Cap'n Crunch! (Angela commentary: Now, THAT'S a good joke.)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Loved it.

Last week we all went to Utah for Colton's first visit! We had a blast and it is the perfect time of year to visit Utah...autumn, changing leaves, football, it.

Here is the week we had in pictures:

Sundance trip. It was so beautiful, all the leaves were bright colors. I was pretty terrified holding Colton on the ski lift to get to the top however. Talk about a tight grip on the little guy! Shouldn't they have more safety features on the lifts besides a little bar?
The NEW and improved Cannon Center with my brothers. It's awesome! Seriously, forget the "Freshman 15"...because it's now the "Freshman 25". Very cute picture below, so cute you should probably zoom in on it.
BYU Bookstore and Colton looking cute in his jacket! I got a great new Nike BYU it (it's the one I'm wearing in the Sundance pics) I even got a Jamba Juice. Yumm...
NOT PICTURED: Kneaders French Toast. It deserved a picture because it was so good.

Fun with family. Colton got to hang out with his grammy and grandpa and Great grandma and grandpa...also tons of cousins, aunts, etc. It was great! Colton thinks his grandpa is pretty funny, and gives the best smiles to his grammy. We miss them :(
Enjoying nature. We ate dinner with the family at a cabin in the canyons. It was beautiful! (I vote the below picture one of Colton's fat pictures. Camera adds 10 lbs babe, don't worry)
Seeing old friends. We hung out with byu bball friend Jimmy Balderson and his wife, while watching the football game AND eating a BBQ. Does life get better?
WOW, that's a lot of drool Colton.
BYU football. I even got my favorite hot chocolate...AND burned myself, as always.
Loved it. Loved it Loved it.
Oh, and I publicly apologize to ALL of you in Utah who attempted to hold Colton. If it makes you feel better, he screamed after 10 seconds for everyone :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am pretty sure I have only 1 family picture of all of us since Colton was born. That changed this week when we got family picture #2 taken. This one makes up for our lack of pictures over the past 7 months. I love it! Mike's aunt snapped it and it only took 30 seconds. Thanks Joeen.
Feel free to ooo and ahhh.