Monday, December 14, 2009

"He'll be fine"

"You're so lucky"
"I wish mine didn't move yet"
"Once he starts moving, you'll long for the days when he didn't"
"He'll move when he wants to..."

...really? Will he? These are all the statements I get in regards to my 10 month old child not moving yet. Not only is he not moving, he doesn't even attempt to move and shows zero interest. no rolling, no scooting, no pulling up, nothing. (He can roll over if he tries REALLY hard). I have tried everything in the book, but when you have a child that screams when you put him on his tummy no matter what and instantly rolls to his back, it's kinda impossible to teach a kid to crawl.

At what point do doctors officially become worried/make you take action (like physical therapy) etc. for babies not moving. 10 months? 12 months? 14 months?

I just want to see SOME progress, and we aren't getting any these days...

Note: I do have a large baby with a big head and cautious nature...I've heard those contribute to late moving.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

It's been really cold the past week. Since we aren't very prepared clothing-wise for 30 degree weather, I had to put together a winter outfit of my own for Colton. Here he is ready for our weekly jog complete with:
  • my over sized BYU beanie (but not too over sized, the kid had a big head haha)
  • zipper jacket
  • adult gloves (which he proceeded to just flap his hands until they fell off)
  • socks (he doesn't own any shoes yet...hey I know he's almost 10 months, but the kid isn't even close to crawling yet so why bother?)

We need some warmer clothes. But, he does look pretty DANG cute in mine :)

Don't worry, I had him wrapped up in a fleece blanket also!