Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here is my wish list for this week:

1) To NOT have to hold my child down by force while nurses/dr. attempt to give him an IV and put him under for his *"Scope". My emotional health cannot handle it anymore.

2) Have the Dr. very clearly and obviously IDENTIFY the problem in Colton's airways.
3) Have Dr. present a clear SOLUTION to the problem whether it be surgery or not.

4) FINALLY have an understanding why my child at almost 12 months has practically NO mobility, and find out it was related to his breathing all along! I hope I hope...

5) Have Mike NOT get in a car accident that almost causes our new car to get totaled (yes, this happened last week. He is okay thankfully.)

6) Make something other than cereal or quesadillas for dinner. Man, I was a miserable failure at cooking last week.

7) Manage to work my 4 hours a day, even though Colton is apparently transitioning to ONE 2 hr nap a day instead of 2 2 hour naps. Yeah, the Math doesn't work.

*Colton is getting Brochoscopy or "scope" on Tuesday to check out his airway passages to figure out why he has been breathing irregularly. It involves a tube down his throat with a little camera on the end.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just breathe.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Easy. Right? Wrong. For my little Colton, this has not been an easy task. About 2 weeks ago I noticed Colton was breathing very irregularly (always has been a little odd of a breather). Lots of holding his breath for a few seconds, slight grunting on the expiration, and then quick breaths in again. He started doing it all day, off and on. He did it when he was sad, excited, happy, relaxed, thinking...all the time.

Last week at Colton's well-check I mentioned it to my Doctor. She listened to the irregular breathing and wanted me to look into it further. So,

  • 5 appointments
  • 1 xray
  • 2 oxygen level tests
  • 1 appt with a pediatric pulmonologist
  • and 1 SCHEDULED hospital trip Feb 2 for the pulmonologist to put Colton under and do a "scope" of his breathing passageways (tube down throat with little camera) later...
I'm tired, worried and stressed. The pulmonologist agreed that Colton had a few irregular aspects to his breathing, and decided a scope was necessary. There are any number of things it could be, so hopefully the "scope" determines what it is, and it is not serious.

Side note: I wonder if his slight difficulty with breathing is part of the reason Colton doesn't like to move?

Here are a few video examples of his irregular breathing (turn up volume and listen carefully):

Lest you think he only does it when he is straining, here is an example of irregular breathing while relaxed (excuse the tired and slightly homeless looking darling baby)
*best example from :20-:40 seconds and 1:20-end

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You know you live in a desert when...


...The news talks excitedly at the possibility of Vegas receiving .5 in of rain over the course of 2 days. .5 in!!! Whoa, calm down everyone.

...Colton looks up to the sky first in surprise, then confusion, and then laughs as if the rain falling on his face is a funny joke. Silly rain drops. Falling on my head. Silly.

...I purposefully decide to go OUT and run errands just so I can use my windshield wipers and get wet. I gotta soak it all in.

...there is brown water running down the sides of the streets from washing away all the dust and dirt accumulated over the past 8 months of NO rain.

I love it!!

Colton moving update: well, I shouldn't really call it an update since not much has changed. My 11 month old it still not scooting or crawling. He is however, rolling a little more, attempting to pull up on things and reaching really far. I have this pit in my stomach telling me I'm going to have a one year old that doesn't move yet...sigh.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Playoffs do to a man...

Like many other husbands, Mike gets so excited for the playoffs. So excited, in fact, that he has even mastered the "listening to my wife" but "not really listening to my wife" technique.

During NFL Playoffs on Saturday, the following conversations occurred between me and Mike. Pay close attention to how Mike listens ENOUGH to give a valid response, but NOT enough to give the correct response.

Me: "Man, Reggie Bush is really small."
Mike: "Yeah he is."
Me: "How tall is he?"
Mike: "Oh, 6'3"."
Me: "Really? That's actually pretty tall!"
Mike: (now realizing he was actually talking) "Oh, whoops...I mean...he probably about 5'9" ."

Another conversation (5 mins later):

Me: "I wasn't able to reach Brooke this morning, so I guess we aren't watching Ryan while they go on a date."
Mike: "Oh, that's too bad..."
Mike again a minute later: (now realizing he was actually talking) "Uh oh, don't be mad at me."
Angela: "Come on, completely wrong answer again?"
Mike: "Yeah, actually...Zach (Brooke's husband) called this morning and said they'd drop off Ryan at 5."

Wow Mike, impressive. Impressive indeed. For the record, Mike is normally a very good listener.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good News. Bad News.

My new kitchen aid I got for Christmas works. It kneaded my dough perfectly, which then proceeded to rise perfecly, mold into my twist shapes perfectly, and cook perfectly.

Rolls taste really bad when you forget to include one important ingredient: salt.

Dang...24 rolls into the trash (and a few hours of wasted time).
Any roll recipies you'd like to share? I'm on the hunt for the best roll recipe.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Jump

(random pic of Colton, just because)

Well, we finally made it back from our long visit to Houston, TX for the holidays. But, I should clarify that we barely made it back.
Monday, our flight was set to take off at 5:50 pm. We got on the road a little later than I had wanted, but was assured everything would be fine. When we kept hitting traffic, my heart progressively started beating faster and faster. We finally arrived at the airport with 50 minutes until takeoff. After waiting 25 minutes, we got to the counter, received our boarding passes and started sprinting to the security check in.

Important note: Although we could see the security check right next to the ticketing counters, there was a 4 ft tall wall barrier in between, forcing us to take the looonnnngg way around to get there.

At security check, I quickly hand over our IDs and boarding passes.
"Where is Michael's boarding pass?"
It wasn't there. Angela and Colton were stapled together, but no Mike.
"Can I just go over that wall there to get it from our ticketing counter? We are going to miss our flight," Mike pleads.
"No, you can't go that way. You have to go around..." she stops for a second, "well, never mind. He just jumped over the wall."

I couldn't watch. I kept my eyes down. Mike had taken off running and totally jumped and cleared the wall, complete with 6 TSA people standing nearby just watching him. The people standing in line applauded his efforts as he ran up to our counter. He got what he needed and looked back to the wall, but this time, a big TSA lady shook her head back and forth as if to say "No way. Not again."

Mike sprinted around the long way. We ran the rest of the way and stepped on the plane 9 minutes before takeoff. Doors were supposed to have closed 10 mins prior. We even got to sit next to eachother. A miracle.

MORAL OF THE STORY IS: always plan on being at the airport 1 1/2 hours early! If you are going to do something dangerous, like jump a wall barrier, do it with style.