Sunday, February 28, 2010


My baby turned one this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Colton. We love you to pieces. You just keep getting more and more fun and we are so happy to be your parents.
We were able to celebrate with grandma (visiting from Virginia), and friends Brooke, Zach and Ryan. Here are the highlights of his birthday in pictures complete with balloons, presents, cake, and tears :).
The beautiful decorations which lasted all of 5 mins after Colton's nap, when he decided he HAD to have them, so we took most down.
Opening presents: cars, drawing mats, Quiet Book from grandma (awesome awesome awesome), clothes, puzzles. He loved them all!
The wonderful birthday cookie! Don't you just love the star candles?
After Colton totally lost it crying when we put him in his highchair for the classic cake pictures, Mike decided to just hold on to him instead. Here he is post tears.
The classic birthday hat picture. Yes, it lasted all of 10 seconds. But that's all I needed to snap a photo.
And...then he lost it again crying, so I fed him his cookie cake on my lap. Messy, but happier since on mommy's lap.
Happy birthday Colton! We love you!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't judge me.

Here is the truth. I really don't think I'll mind driving a mini van one day. I know I KNOW. A lot of my friends wouldn't be caught dead in one, but I think they are good cars. That being said, if I WERE to find an SUV-ish type car with similar features, I might be tempted. Do such SUVs exist?

Can anyone list off any SUVs that have these things comparable to a mini van?:

  • Price
  • Gas Mileage
  • Captain seats
  • Ease of use with children
And no, I'm not buying a new car yet. and NO, I am NOT pregnant.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dancing Queen

*For your viewing pleasure: a classic "prom" picture in front of a fake backdrop
Have any of you been dancing recently?
Well, Saturday was my first time in about 5 years. I have to admit, I was a little rusty. Our ward put on a Valentine's dance on Saturday night. It brought me back to my glory days at the Oakton Stake Dances in NOVA. I rocked those things...or at least I thought I rocked those things. haha.
It's amazing how your body loses that coordination. A room full over old married couples dancing...I'm pretty sure all the youth in the ward would have had a heart attack watching us.
I did redeem my dancing by busting out my breaking dancing move "the coffee grinder". It involves going on the floor and swinging one leg around in a circle while you hop over it with the other leg (like "skip it", but on the floor). Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

HAPPY Valentine's!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Whew. I'm starting to feel human again. Last week was so stressful. A day after our hospital/ER trip, I started Colton in physical therapy. Once it was determined that Colton's airways were fine and not causing him to not move, I decided to approach the moving problem head on.

Physical therapy: 2 times a week for the next 10 weeks, plus lots of at home practice

I know what you are thinking, "Oh angela is silly. Colton will move when he wants...he's fine."

I assure you...this kid. needs. physical. therapy. I know. I'm his mom. I've been watching my almost one year old NEVER make an attempt to sit up from lying down or crawl. He was months and months from crawling. And believe me, I've tried and TRIED to help him. Like I thought, the physical therapist said Colton's mobility was about at the same level as a 6 month old. Seriously. So, we are going to change that and get this kid moving. He's already shown great improvement and I'm feeling really good about it, although Colton isn't quite sure and cries practically the entire session.

Good news, Colton is fine in every other way...just happens to be significantly late in moving. Who knows exactly why. chubby, big head, cautious, content, chill little guy. So, for now, I'm going to pretend the weird breathing doesn't exist, and hopefully it just solves itself :)

ahhh, it's nice to feel almost normal again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Colton, Mike and I got back from the ER a few hours ago. 30 mins after posting my blog, Mike thought he heard Colton waking up from his loooonnnnggg nap and I went up to check on him. I found a very VERY hot baby, breathing about the pace of a dog pant with no energy, kinda lethargic.
I got him a bottle and checked his temperate. At 104 I took out the thermometer told Mike to put him in a bath while I got the tylenol and called the Dr. (discharge information said: "a fever is not expected. If your child experiences a fever of over 101 contact practitioner). We noticed he didn't look quite as pink as he was supposed to, wasn't really moving around and still breathing fast. We got his temp down to 102.6.
Sooo...we got in the car fast and drove to the ER. There we got him hooked up to an IV (second of the day), got blood samples, and urine samples. We assumed he had some sort of reaction to the anesthesia this morning, however 4 hours later all the sample results came back showing that he didn't have the typical reactions for the anesthesia. of COURSE. Nothing understandable today.
The dr. dared to say "maybe it was just a coincidence and he happened to get a fever today" to which I responded with "no. NO WAY. It was not a coincidence. The kid had a temp of 98 this morning and by noon 104. "
So, now we are home. Colton's temp is back to normal and I'm keeping a close eye on him. He even smiled and gave us little claps of applause tonight...I'm glad this day is over with too Colton boy. In fact I'm glad this WEEK is over accidents, scopes, ER trips...blood samples.
I love my little Colton and glad he's okay. My little mystery breathing and anesthesia reaction child.


...But NO answer.

Well, my fear kinda came true. The pulmonologist didn't really notice anything irregular in Colton. I guess this is good because nothing is wrong with my child or his airways so he does not need surgery. However, he can't explain the odd breath holding breathing thing he does. I really REALLY didn't want to hear "Yeah, that is weird. I don't know why he is doing that"...but that's what I heard. So, door closed to problem in his airways, but door NOT closed to why he breathing irregularly and not moving at all.

I'm frustrated. disappointed. and confused.

My mind is racing with questions that I can't get answers to.
Is there really nothing wrong with Colton and he's just breathing weird for no reason? Is the non movement not connected at all with the breathing? Is it still connected and I just don't know how? Do I now go to a neurologist (pulmonologist mentioned it) to make sure there is nothing going on with breathing or movement? If I go neurologist, am I just wasting more money on a wild goose chase? Do I exhaust all possibilities just to make sure he's okay? How much MORE money could I possibly spend on medical bills this year? When do I start him in physical therapy? How long will it take him to move if he really has no problem? How long will it take him to move if he DOES have a problem? When will we recognize if there is a problem or not?

I'm trying to see the positive right now, but I'm more just feeling let down.