Friday, October 29, 2010

It's a bird...

It's a plane...It's SUPERMAN!'s the cutest, coolest little superman ever, I'm convinced. Sorry if you child was also superman, because Colton looked more awesome than your kid :). (joking of course)

I decided to make him a cape and keep the rest normal because I knew he wouldn't tolerate a costume. Good call on my part because it all worked out perfectly and he kept the costume on the whole night. (I'm superwoman, mike is a dice, and my mom is just super festively dressed. More on "my awesome mom came to visit us" week in a later post.)
I'm so proud of my cape! Here is an up close of what I made, and all for $6! Shiny blue fabric, red fabric, some good scissor work with red and yellow felt, iron on, and sewing

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Working Hard

It was daddy's birthday on Monday, so I helped Colton make a little something for him: a car painted by Colton. I wasn't sure how he'd do, but I was very impressed!

Colton was very focused...
He carefully picked out each color and would proclaim "LLELLOW! BLEWW!" while picking out the colors...
He even made sure to paint inside of the hole...
he would say "other one"when he was ready to switch paint brushes

I think it was the perfect present :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fishy Face

Umm....Mike taught Colton a new trick and it is probably my most favorite trick yet: the FISHY FACE. I probably love it so much because he always tries to keep himself from smiling or laughing while he is doing it. Colton, you are one cool kid and mommy's best buddy--love you!

Enjoy :)

(we sing Old MacDonald allllll day long, any favorite creative animal/sound suggestions are welcome)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

just potatoes?

My sister just moved to BOISE...and I have to say, I LOVE it. Sidewalks, front yards, back yards, beautiful weather, college town, city, farm, affordable houses...and best of all my sister and her kids!

You wouldn't guess it by Colton's facial expressions in these pictures, but he had a great time and loved hanging out with cousins.

**Oh for Colton to have a cousin within 10 hours driving distance. Sigh**

We start....OUTSIDE. Weather in Boise is like Provo but with a milder winter. 4 seasons! Sounds pretty great? Yeah, I think so too! then we go...INSIDE. I love my sister's new house. It's my dream house complete with giant play room, wood floors, high ceilings, granite countertops, and my favorite people!then we DRIVE around (or do a 10 mile run Sat morning-I'm training for a half marathon) a bit...farms, but also lots of neighborhoods, city, BSU, malls close by, and a zoo!

and yes, aren't my nieces and nephews the cutest?
So, I hope I changed your view of Boise, Idaho...I'm sold!