Thursday, November 18, 2010


This is what makes me happy today: (Yes, I did it already. I decorated for Christmas.)
Stockings and Christmas trees pictured above). I made our stockings last year. Love them. I also love my new lime green and white ornaments and added to our tree this year.

Mini snow globes. I am obsessed with miniature things. My MIL gave me these and I love them. Santa, teddy bear AND snowman. Amazingly cute.
Clay nativity I made in elementary school. Do you see the mini nativity in the attic? Yeah, I made that's mini, and I love it. (My mom put all the figures in this cool wooden house a few years ago. Thanks mom!)December calendar. Me and my friend Brooke made these last year. I spent time doing each magnet number, and I love each unique one.
Nativity. Although I'm still missing the wisemen, I'm positive this is the most gorgeous nativity set out there.
Mini Santa clothes. (are you sensing a "mini" theme here?) Santa, Mrs. Claus, and elf clothes hung by clothes pins. Does life get better than that? No, no it doesn't.
and as boy Colton and bigger boy Mike. Here is Colton pictured mixing up something. We give him whatever we find and have him mix it to keep him entertained. I believe this has sprinkles, water, peanuts, crackers, and cheese. Yumm....
So, that it what makes me happy today :)

Monday, November 8, 2010


I love my boys. Mike and Colton regularly like to jam it out to the keyboard in the guest room. Colton has become a pro at copying Mike's dance moves.

Highlight moves in this video include:
-clap and slow graceful clap
-head nod
-the N Sync finger crowd point
-graceful hand cupping

Mike's disclaimer: Mike says he is normally a better dancer but had to dumb down the moves for Colton to keep up.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Before and After

Over the past year I have been gradually redoing my bedroom. Last week when my mom came in town, we found this amazing deal on nice fabric ($2.50 a yard!) and made some curtains. Now my bedroom is basically done, besides a few finishing touches. I love the way it looks!

Here is a list of the improvements made over the past year (super affordable):
-New headboard, made by me
-New dresser/nightstand
-New comforter
-New curtains, made by me and mom

...and no, I do not intend to keep a little giraffe and teddy bear stuffed animal on my little ladder stand :)