Saturday, January 29, 2011

I want one.

I heart this table. I heart this table SOOO much. It's from Restoration Hardware and it crazy expensive, as in almost $3,000.

Seriously, isn't the salvaged wood so rustic and amazing. I love it.

My favorite website has plans for this table below...not bad right? And it probably only costs about $50 in lumber, maybe $100 overall. And with my budget right now of nothing, that's definitely a little closer than $3,000.

Should I...or should I not make this table? (actual built tables from ana white plans)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have BYU pride. I love BYU. I love the school. I love BYU sports. and if you know know that I love BYU basketball. love it so much that I cried last year during the NCAA tournament game of BYU vs. Florida (and I never cry).
. blood boils and heart races when someone disses byu.
. danced and ran around my room like a fool tonight during byu's AMAZING win vs. San Diego State.
People say I take BYU basketball too personally. Well, my friends, you would too if your husband played all four years and your uncle were the head coach for the past 6 years. BYU basketball=Rose family.

I'm lovin' it. WAY TO GO COUGS.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Colton has turned into a little robot recently. More specifically, Colton has turned into a little Goofy robot named "Mr. Goofbot" (from his fav Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).

If you come around our house at practically any time of any day, this is pretty much what you'll see. He's a little obsessed. But it's a cute obsession, so I encourage it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Digging Out

(Colton pictured above in a woody hat with cousin and buddy Aaron in the background)

Christmas vacation was wonderful. Viginia was beautiful as always and family is the best. I ate lots and LOTS of food. I held my sisters baby for the first time. We gots lots of presents. I stayed up way too late and didn't change out of my PJs for a majority of the trip. It was glorious.

...and now we are back home in Vegas. I feel like my house has exploded. Boxes for Christmas decorations, halfway unpacked suitcases, and new toys that haven't yet found a home.

So far I'm on day 2 of my post-vacation recuperation...and I think I need another 5 days until I'm above water.

Sigh. 2011 here we come!