Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am aware.

I am aware that I have been severely lacking in the blogging category. Lame. So, what has been occupying my time you might ask? The day to day little stuff...spiced up with some fun stuff! (no, I'm not making a prego announcement yet. Patience my friends)

Day to day stuff: if you were to be a fly on the wall in my house, you would see...

-Colton and me flying around the house with arms outstretched yelling "To infinity and beyond!" Colton sometimes even enhances it with scenes from Toy Story such as "I can't fly...oh fly! Crash" or "howdy partner!" or reenacting the Buzz Woody fight scene by going at my face.

-Colton bossing us around. Telling us where to go, how to get there, and what we should be doing. He recently criticized my shoe purchase, "No mom, take off those shoes. Yucky!"

-Colton making sure HE is the one getting the attention. If Mike and I hug, Colton is in between us in SECOND telling us, "No, do not hug dad. Hug Colton." He is pretty confident we are all on this world to just serve him :)

-Colton figuring out and getting frustrated. We build a lot. We build legos. We build trains. We build blocks. He's very good at it. I love building, but it's scary because sometimes things don't go the way Colton wants and he gets really mad. He'll be sweetly playing with his trains and then all of a sudden...destroying the track, crying, and throwing his trains "No, no! Thomas is NOT going with the coal!" Terrible twos much?

-Colton being sooo cool. Cool dances moves? Check. Cool buzz and woody mini toy sidekicks? Check. Cool sunglasses? Check. Ability to put sunglasses on almost right? Check.

-Colton STILL being Colton. Do you guys remember that 12 month old child that didn't roll over? Well, there are still elements of that Colton. He has a very hard time with stairs. He often turns around to go down on his tummy with a 3 in step. We're working on it. He also refuses to feed himself. I seriously sit there and feed him all his meals with a fork while he sits with his mouth open like a baby. Every time I try to get him to do it he says, "No. Mommy do it!" (there is a reason I'm not even CONSIDERING potty training this child until he is 3)

-Colton cheering on BYU basketball! Yesterday I got a Jimmer shirt from my bro and his gf and Colton looked at it "BYU Cougars! Go cougars!" I've trained him well :) Too bad he refuses to shoot a basketball and will ONLY lay it in. I've tried everything. This is slightly offensive to his daddy who loves the threes.

...imagining...refusing food that days earlier he loved...hugs...face slaps (Colton giving them, don't worry, NOT me haha)...refusing naps...laughing...talking talking talking...jumping everywhere...throwing fits...reading books...singing guys know the drill...

and I love it. Sure, I'm exhausted and he's a tricky toddler...but I could squeeze that boy all day long. I keep thinking I'll get used to his cuteness, but I never do.

AND BYU Cougars rock my world. Thank you for improving the mood in our home by 100 times and giving us our most favorite March ever.