Monday, April 25, 2011


Recently I've really REALLY gotten into home design. Life has had a few changes and stresses (don't worry we are fine), and design has become my outlet. I could spend hours and hours at looking at websites, magazines, etsy...I love it. If only I had thousands and thousands of dollars to spend per room :)

Here are a few of my favorite things and places:

West Elm furniture and bedding

Urban Outfitters

How cute would this little shelf be in a baby girls nursery? (No, I'm not pregnant...)

Restoration Hardware

This is my inspiration for Colton's future bedding


Love this for a print for Colton's future room

A chalkboard map. Love it for Colton's future room.

I'm thinking of grey, white, navy, and this green for Colton's future room...not sure, but I think I like it

Blogs: 6th Street Design School, Apartment Therapy

What are some of your favorite places to look? I'm open for any suggestions to further feed my design addiciton :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If you are a perfect've probably never had to use the persuasive technique of BRIBERY on your children. Good for you :) I, however, have...and I love it. Allow me to explain.

For months and months, going out was so difficult. SO so so difficult. Tantrum with the diaper change. Tantrum with the socks. Tantrum with the shoes. Tantrum going to the garage. Tantrum, flailing, back arching getting into the car seat. By the time I had Colton buckled in, I'd be in a FULL blown sweat and my heart would be pounding from me trying to keep in my frustration.

Here is where we meet the wonderful technique of bribery. I had already tried toys, food, letting Colton do it on his own, wait for when he's ready...all of it. So, I caved. In a moment of weakness I said, "I'll give you an m&m if you sit on the stairs while mommy gets you ready." In an instant the crying stopped, and he sat perfectly on the step. "I'll give you an m&m if you get in the car!" In an instant he would stop running in circles and get in the car. Nothing short of a miracle.

So here we are 3 months later and I'm happy to report, I still use m&ms (just 1 or 2) to get out of the house. My life is SO much better. I don't use m&ms for anything else, just this.

Judge if you will. But I love the power of those beautifully colored chocolate candies. Thank you m&ms.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


We are ready for Easter! Today we busted out our 3 Easter decorations...a mini bunny, table runner, and wind-up chick. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And then, Colton embraced Easter by using multiple Easter decorations at the same time! Colton first laid out his bunny container for a bed, then put his little wind-up chick to sleep in the container....and then to provide comfort....placed a napkin blanket on top of the wind-up chick. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To further help the wind-up chick fall asleep, Colton stroked its head and said "good night chick, go to sleep." Cute. Sweet. and a little creepy. Seriously, look at the eyes on that little chick! Right? We are READY for Easter! and somebody PLEASE help me with some cute Easter decorations/craft ideas. We are struggling here.