Saturday, July 30, 2011

A closer look

We are settling into Columbus and some of our new routines. Columbus is beautiful... we regularly take walks, visit the waterfall right by our house, or go on river walks. We enjoy playgroups, eating at Chipotle and Einstein Bagels, and looking for squirrels. From the outside looking in, things might just look totally normal...Mike and Colton running around playing a game, or me and Colton reading books together.

But, if you look see a calendar filled with appointments, therapists, interviews and planning meetings. You'd see paperwork, medical bills, and time sheets for managing employees. You'd find business cards, and sticky notes, and piles of papers waiting to be filed.

Colton's schedule has gone from nothing all week, to 5 hours a day of appointments and it's only going to get more. You'd see a mom who works tirelessly every moment thinking of ways to help her son. Every car ride is filled with me trying to get Colton to talk, to use his words, or to notice his surroundings. Every look out the window is filled with me asking questions to get his mind thinking conversationally, coming up with stories to help him think in the abstract, or repeating phrases over and over again to help him gain the language. I have to follow through on everything I ask him to do, even when it makes him mad. I need to remain completely calm in all tantrum situations. It's like I'm in a game of chess, contstantly planning what I should say, how I should respond, or how I should act...because everything I do helps reinforce what he is learning in therapy... or unravels his therapy.

But, I'm SO happy to be making progress. And, I'm so proud of Colton. He is being so brave handling all these new people, new situations, and new demands. I'm excited for what the future will bring for him. He has a lot of potential. It is a lot of work...but I know where it can get us. And we WILL get there.

But, BOY, do I love this kid. Just look at this face...