Friday, October 28, 2011

Colton's Autism Therapy Part 1

(I am not an Autism expert, and do not pretend to be. I AM, however, becoming an expert on Colton's Autism and his therapy. Every child on the Autism spectrum is different and every parent makes the decisions that are best for their child. And I am the last person to judge.)


In an effort to help people better understand Colton's therapy and my is a basic Q&A I put together of Colton's Autism therapy. Tomorrow I will post details on the actual therapy.

Q. Colton has Autism, but what does he exactly need therapy for?
A. EVERYTHING. Autism affects all aspects of Colton. He has deficits and issues including: communication (and speech), social-adaptive behavior, self help skills, gross motor, fine motor, play skills, repetitive behaviors, sensory issues...etc.

Q. How do you possibly target all those areas?
A. ...and this is why we have 30 hrs a week of therapy (primarily ABA-Applied Behavioral Analysis).

Q. I always thought there is no chance for a kid with Autism, why do you try so hard?
A. If there is one thing I've learned in the past 5 months, it's that Autism is NOT the end. Hard hard work and early intervention make a HUGE difference.

Q. Sounds like you are just therapy-ing the living day lights out of him. Why don't you accept him for who he is?
A. I ASSURE you, there is not a mom out there who loves, and is more accepting and encouraging of their child. Therapy is my way I can help Colton reach his potential, not take away who he is.

Q. What is your ultimate goal with Colton?
A. Right now, my goal is to have Colton be able to attend a normal school one day, and eventually without the help of an in-class aide. I want him to experience life, not be sheltered from it. I want him to be capable of having meaningful relationships with peers and others. And one day...I'm hoping he'll graduate from high school, go to college, and maybe even get married...but that's looking really far ahead :)

This post is getting long, so tomorrow I will post about the basics of Colton's therapy. I are so excited you can hardly stand it. haha.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So, I wanted to introduce you to a little thing I love called a "social story". I make these little "social story" books for Colton to help him with transitions, events, or different experiences. I've made books for changing diapers, getting into a car, going to bed, going to a wedding...and NOW....FOR HALLOWEEN!

I always feel a little silly making these. But, the bottom line they help Colton know what to expect.

And I now present to you...Colton's Halloween book. (4 pages per sheet) My favorite page is "My friends dress up as animals, princesses, and ghosts. Some even wear masks or funny hats. But it’s okay, because costumes are fun and just pretend."haha. And YES, that is Colton's face I put on a random kids Man in the Yellow Hat costume. haha. Awesome.

Halloween here we come!