Monday, December 12, 2011

Melts my heart

This little guy just melts my heart.

Here is a video of Colton "singing" his nightly songs with me. He is all of a sudden loving learning new songs and even starting to try and sing notes. It's probably my most favorite thing in the world.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas time is here!

It's officially Christmas season in our house! This year we aren't traveling anywhere to see any family, or having any come visit I needed to make sure our house felt magical with just US in it. I'm sure it won't feel the same without family, but decorations sure do help :).

So, HERE is my Christmas-y house...and a house tour, since I never really gave one of our little rental in Ohio. (yes I know, I take terrible pictures)

Here is my newest project. Yeah, it's just a free pallet shelf and birds painted on it. I think it's cool, if you disagree...please don't tell me :)

Here is our playroom and Colton's therapy room! I made those bookshelves for $50 in wood. And I like my cheap hoop wall I put together for a few bucks. I wish I had hundreds of dollars to spend in this room, but I only had a $100 budget which went to pillows and art. We are poor students, what can I say. *Yes, that is a swing. YES, we are that cool*

Happy December everyone!