Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alive and Well

What happened to blogs? Is it just me or does it seem like they are going away?

Well, regardless...I will give you a quick life update on the Roses.
1) We will be moving to Michigan at the end of the school year. I am excited, but also sad as I love love love my current location.
2) Colton is an all star. Seriously. I just had a meeting with his psychologist to go over his recent evaluation. As expected, he has made progress (especially in language, cognitive, academic skills), but what wasn't expected is HOW much progress he made. As his psychologist said, "You should be very happy, these are beyond typical gains we see." So excited, and makes it all worth it. This kid can do anything and now I'm even more motivated to work on the areas we still struggle in (self help skills, socialization, difficult behaviors, repetitiveness etc.)
3) We are a happy family. It's just the 3 of us, but we are happy. We love having dance parties, family movie nights, going to soccer practice, and playing with friends. We appreciate all the little things and have so much joy on the daily basis being Colton's parents.